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If you know how to hack it or have some ideas feel free to give them to me. Also can u tell me what custom firmware would this game work the best on. If you are on another custom firmware, skip this step. No, create an account now. Hi I have a psp slim with official firmware 5.

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Press O to start the installation. Check Part 2, or the updated ebook. You can leave all the other settings alone. Hi, I have a psp with 3. Open the eLoader installation file.

Downgrade Your Firmware - PSP Hacks [Book]

Proceed at your own risk. Check this article to see if your game is patched or not, or just insert it in your PSP and look what Firmware version it contains 2.

Set up Your PSP. I was on the edge of my seat for an hour hoping I didn't brick it. Rename the FW 1.

PSP - Original firmware | MaxConsole

Techies here told me that i won't be able to go back to my OFW and that 6. It's rare at least to me to see PSPs successfully run 1. PBP, in spite of we have downloaded 3. After it has loaded and rewritten the firmwares this can take a whileyou can press X to restart.

Where these apprlications could initially be firmwae on the 1. It's not yet been revealed which firmware version will ship on European PSPs when they launch at the start of September; test European units currently being shipped carry the 1. I also have the new 5. The 'Original' Japanese version has the code: Hi Simon, thanks for the grea guide.

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If you don't have 'extract files It dosent matter what firmware you have with the model. CL can u please give me a step by step guide to put it on my psp when i get ifrmware custom firmware.

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firmwware My PSP slim generation There's absolutely no reason to be on a lower firmware other than 6. Xenogears VOct 25, Vita Tutorials Guides on how to use your Vita to its full potential can be found here.

It actually noticed my lack of 3. Guys, a have a new psp that i bought lately. I don't know why it took someone so long to finally write a step by step and clear guide. You can find more info about it here.

Or is there any way to hack a psps of my type I also have a mint one with 1. There should be a readme.

No, create an account now.

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