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Most gadgets that are included with 8GadgetPack should not have this issue because I adjusted them. You can also download additional gadgets from Microsoft. Right-clicking on the preview gives you some options as well. There is also an uninstaller included which removes everything the installer added. Fixed a bug that prevented to start all gadgets at startup.

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You can access some advanced options by right-clicking on the X. It can also bring the gadgets back in case they were disabled or uninstalled. Windows 7 - Gadgets.

You can also open a clipboard directly. The options of the last gadget, the weather gadget, allow you to change the city. Resolved an error message preventing to install when an uninstall previously went wrong. Startup is more reliable now hopefully.

There will also appear some buttons next to the gadget. The Identity protection sometimes blocks this software without even notifying.

Windows Desktop Gadgets

Click "OK" to apply the new setting. It was locking the parent folder of the file that is in the current clipboard.

Yes, you can hold Shift while positioning them to keep the sidebar from automatically aligning them. Winfows 7 already does have gadgets by default, but this program gives you an easy way to install many high-quality gadgets. They don't take much space and easy to install. This is especially useful when working with multiple monitors. Contact me if you want a specific language added.

Gadgets shouldn't appear too small anymore. Right-click on desktop, select Gadgets, right-click on the desired gadget and select Uninstall. Clock Gadgets Choose cute clocks with original design for your Windows 7 desktop. In case you don't like 8GadgetPack you can uninstall it and still use gwdget gadgets provided by Windows 7. Page to the gadget you want and install it. Started to work on Windows 10 support.

Two of my favorites are the Weather and Calendar gadgets. The best choice is to contact the author of the gadget. Undisputed VS 2 Clock.

Play games and have some fun with our collection of fun and games gadgets! Choose cute clocks with original design for your Windows 7 desktop. Made the gadget "Remove Drive Safely" high-dpi compatible and fixed a bug in the gadget that caused high-cpu usage over time.

Will 8GadgetPack install some crap on my PC?

Windows 7 Gadgets

Some compatibility wlndows for the upcoming Windows 10 version in October. The new Internet Explorer in 8. Changed the provider in the Currency Meter gadget to Google Finance to make it work again. Fixed a crash that occured when using flyouts in certain gadgets e. Will I be able to install gadgets other than the ones included? I hopefully fixed a bug that caused the gadgets to crash at startup or prevented gadgets to show up.

Click on the plus symbol on the top right to see all available gadgets.

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