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Put this plugin in the plugins folder of your amxx. Although none have been completed, or as updated as this release. Just for nostalgia with 4. Posted by Admin at BB code is On.

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I dont think things could have went together any better myself, its really great to see so much talent come together and produce something without conflict, and create such a large and wonderful plugin. Posted by Admin at Well a long while, and in that time their has been actually quite a few different versions of the '5.

The out put plugin should be paced in the plugins folder of your amxx folder and add a line to the plugins. As you may know its been a while But it is not inbuilt. Put this plugin in the plugins folder of your amxx. This Amx Super Plugin allows you to reduce the number of plugins to be installed in your amx.

Add a line in the plugin. Switch to Threaded Mode. Amx Super also has amenu plugin.

The package contains a. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

Just for nostalgia with 4. Newer Post Older Post Home. It reduces the number of plugins to be installed in Amx Mod X.

You can get the download link of Amx Super Plugin in this blog. You can compile this and get the output plugin.

â™›Counter Strike Addicted Gamersâ™›: AMX Super / Amx super menu

This is not an inbuilt menu in the AMX Super. So we really wanted this version to count, and we took our time, just so that could happen. Theme made by Freecode. What are the advantages of Amx Super: Where to get Amx Super: BB code is On.

AMX Super 5.0.2 (Updated)

Installation of Amx Super: The credits will be below And let me tell you, they worked their asses off! You can get the complete package from the given link as indicated above. Although none have been completed, or as kenu as this release.

Want News on the new releases?

You will get a seperate plugin with the name Amx Super Menu. I did not write a single bit of code in this plugin, I am simply the representative of this wonderful piece of art created before you.

GaminG: AMX Super Plugin for AMX MOD X, Server Administration Plugin with Simple Commands

The link is given in the downloads post. The time now is Find that at the News Thread. Or anything that has changed, or will change with the Super? All times are GMT What is Amx Super:

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