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I had purchased the donaled bit upgrade last year but never installed it. Kako napraviti zahtjev za donaciju? Thanks for working on this.

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Guidelines for Microsoft Get Genuine Windows Software

Do different rules micrpsoft under the Microsoft Software Donation Program, or for Volume License upgrade products generally? Choose Carefully The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged. However, the Upgrade Products can be used if you have a licensed installation of one of the following Operating Systems on a Macintosh machine: All error out in the DOS command window with messages like "no boot device is available.

As part of the recent updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program, Microsoft made donations of full versions of its Windows operating systems available through the Microsoft Get Genuine program. The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Check out this great video on the impact of Microsoft software donations and share it with your networks. Microsoft will send an email welcoming your organization to the VLSC. Thanks for working on this. If an organization installs a Get Genuine product, it will not receive a free upgrade when Microsoft releases a new version of Windows. But since you ask, I do have additional questions. This email will indicate that Microsoft has accepted your license agreement. After you receive this email, you'll be able to follow the steps in the first email you received from TechSoup to obtain your donation through the VLSC.

Since the Get Genuine products are part tet the Windows Desktop Operating Systems mkcrosoft group, a request for this product will count against your two-year cycle allotment of 50 licenses in the Windows Desktop Operating Systems title group. That makes no sense to me at all. You should consider requesting this product if you need to install the latest Windows operating system on a PC that falls under one of the licensing scenarios described above.

Microsoft Offers Get Genuine Windows: Full Operating Systems Versions Now Available

Thanks, Becky Editor TechSoup. Any ideas on the best route for us? Hi Ben, We're investigating the answer to your question. The Microsoft Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations offers full Windows operating systems, not upgrades, to nonprofits and public libraries who find themselves out of compliance gennuine software licensing because of software piracy or other licensing issues.

Has anyone found a way to successfully install? Gdt request may be for up to 50 licenses.

Microsoft Offers Get Genuine Windows: Full Operating Systems Versions Now Available

If an organization installs a Get Genuine product, that product will not have the benefit of receiving a free genyine to a newer version of Windows when it is released in the future.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

They are available only to correct scenarios in which an organization has an existing PC with one of the following operating systems installed on it:. We're waiting to confirm with Microsoft about the Mac product rules. Thanks for your patience!

I hope this helps! Get Genuine products do not include the Software Assurance benefits that come with most other Microsoft software microsofg. Product functionality and appearance might vary with system configuration. If your organization has fewer than 25 computers, you should request a MAK from the Volume Licensing website after receiving this product.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer microsogt that one, but I might as well find out for sure. There are times when Windows software is the software of choice, and there are still internet resources such as Microsoft's Software Assurance eLearning materials that can only be accessed via Windows.

Requests for Get Genuine products may not contain any other products.

We're still working out some of the content for the product pages, but we received confirmation that Microsoft will allow installation of the upgrade products on Apple Macintosh hardware even if you don't have an existing Windows OS license on the machine. Autumn TechSoup Client Services. If you're already a member, log in.

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