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Download the Easy Populate module from Zen Cart's module repository. Our quote includes installation and configuration of this module on your zen cart web site. Modified the import of featured product to expand the capability and use of featured product management.

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You must self-certify all addons you install, in addition to all other customisations you make to your site. I only updated a bunch of sql statements, fixed some bugs, and addedd Metatag support for xen.

The entire process is very quick and quite painless.

Easy Populate Zen Cart Plugin. Fixed bug where the new added custom field section in 1. Attempted to comment all my changes, but there were really to many tweaks here and there to accomplish that. It matches data types before actually fasy the import, thus minimizing import errors. Log in to your server via FTP, or use your Web host's browser-based file interface.

EasyPopulate V4 - Zen Cart® Plugins and Addons

Updated reference point for notification of updated version of EP4. This is just an update to langers version since it hadn't been in a while. It verifies that dates, currencies and numbers are all correctly formatted in your input. The only adverse affect is if you're using a mac. So when you are importing customer records, ShopAdmin validates this requirement and flags any errors it detects, before it begins the populae process.

That should be about it. The code arrangement continues to support the possibility of having two different delimiters for those that use an interim process between export from ZC and import back into ZC.

There is one line you need to uncomment near the top of the main easypopulate. eaasy

This extracts two folders, "Admin" and "TempEP. If your zen cart has over products, you need Easy Populate!

It is smart about matching field names and data types. Open the CSV file using your spreadsheet program of choice and insert all of your product information, matching the headers in the template file.

Easy Populate From osc - Zen Cart® Plugins and Addons

And I cleaned up a bit more code. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You may need to run a variety of "Tools" after using EP to populate or update your product data. This is now corrected.

How to Upload Products on Zen Cart Via CSV

Tactical, a board game about space combat. For example, the Zen Cart system requires that every customer record should have a valid email address. The delimiter for categories is now centralized to the main EP4 file and it is now possible to centrally control what that delimiter so that it is the same for export and import.

If you require help with setting up your spreadsheet and uploading your products, please let us know at the time of your quote request.

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You can get more details about the import process via a screen-shot-based description or a video demonstration. Please post identified issues to the forum so that they may be corrected.

Modified the import of featured product to expand the capability and use of featured product management. The expectation of not requiring all columns in the import file has been addressed to the best of the testing performed, The standard use of an alternate primary key has been expanded, there are improved instructions as well as a few improvements in the user interface based on comment review in the forum.

ShopAdmin also ensures that, when you are importing into a picklist field such as order statusthe value in the CSV input cell matches one of the allowed values in your database. Easy Populate has a two-way capability: In this version, there are unfortunately a number of corrections made.

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