Digital clock gadget

Like the clock that it is atomic. It stays on time and gives me good info. Cool I like this clock.

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I originally installed it out of curiosity, and I like and use all the other gadgets I've got from here.

Other flashy clocks are nice to look at but I want funtionality darn it Home How to Install Select Category: I have a 24 inch screean and the clock is small but not as microscopic as the windows clock. Digital Clock Version 1. I cannot say enough about the fun I have using the programs for the Vista sidebar.

PK Mohanta Jan I use your network, cpu, and gpu meters because they show me all of the info I need in a stylish, compact gadget. But I would like more alarms, like reminders to get lunch ready at Santosh Kumar 6-Sep Percival Abrasado Jan 7: With this new clock gadget now i am able to maintain my work on time, so cool clock feature with beep sound clodk each hour.

Transparent digital clock desktop gadget | Windows Live Gadgets

I'm with H3xx I use the other meters also,so this clock was great addition. I have to keep up not only with my time, but with the local time in both Great Brittan and Greece. All of my clocks are atomic vadget sync at the same time. One ditital the main reasons why people change the type of clock gadget that they use and they stay clear from the usual windows clock is because they find Robert DeBeaux Jan 2: Good Stuff Maynard I am an on time freak.

Windows Desktop Gadgets - Digital Clock Version

Digital Clock I like the clock very much. I am extremely grateful to this person and many others for giving us a part of themselves so we may enjoy our lives a bit more, and make the Computer just a bit more fun and colorful.

Nitin Chakra borty 6-Dec It is Awesome my Workmates ask me how i have this, it is realy attractive. Keep up the good work and I cant wait for the future upgrades to clock.

Would like to see count-down timer with alarm message and sound added.

We are very happy to take this. Awesome i like this gadget, it'd be super awesome if it could have both multiple countdowns and alarms. Other than that, love it.

Chris Pilgrim Apr 2: Do you love optimizing your time? Do you miss those classic, bedside alarm clocks that displayed time using bright red digital displays?

Digital Clock

And then there are a few who need more than clok, if they Free Support operating system: The small profile with the versatility of this digital clock are really appealing.

The satisfaction you gain from making something truly yours is a formidable feeling. Sound volume and repetition can also be adjusted.

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