Coyote ugly 2000

Sexist, shallow movie about bar has sex, lots of drinking. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. It's a product that banks on male lust. Michael Bay as Photographer.

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Needing to support herself until stardom rolls around, she takes a job as a barmaid at a new nightspot called Coyote Ugly, where the owner Lil Maria Bello and the staff of attractive young women dance on the bar, flirt with the mostly male clientele, sing along with the jukebox, xoyote goad the customers into matching them shot for shot.

A movie that reflects the human condition so unwillingly is fascinating to me.

Retrieved January 12, There are no full-fledged dance numbers, coyotw snippets of glorious long legs stomping on the bar and glimpses of glorious upper bodies as the girls hose down the paying customers. Does the use of clearly marked or directly referenced products pose a problem for you? The girls are supposed to appear available but not be available and make the customers crazy but not too crazy. How Tech is Changing Childhood. A hgly or a little?

Coyote Ugly

Jonathan Klein as Manager. Based on 1 review. Del Pentacost as Lou. Sign in or join to save for later.

View All Critic Reviews It's a product that banks on male lust. Infrequent profanity includes "d--k," "bitch," "hell," and "ass.

Swedish Albums Chart [22]. Nick Vallelonga as Cop. Natasha Reulet as Girl at the Surprise Party.

Some scuffles and punches, character injured by a car off-camera. August 26, Rating: Jill Gettelson as Bidding Customer. Sale as Finale Club Drunk. Season 4 This Is Us: A useless musical-romantic-drama-comedy, that make me lost minutes. Juliet Neil as Girl on Street. Norwegian Albums Chart [22]. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

Bill gets into a car accident which almost prompts Violet to move back to New Jersey, but Bill convinces her not to give up while telling her the truth that her Mother didn't actually have a problem with stage-fright and quit singing because of Bill.

Carla Alaponte as Coyotee Girl in Bar.

Coyote Ugly Movie Review

I put this on for my 13 year old daughter because generally Coyot don't question it if it's got a PG rating or 12 as it is here in the UK. Coyote Ugly gives us a pizza waitress from New Jersey who wants to make it as a songwriter in the big city. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options The rich producers spend his darling sweet cash in an unforgivable gibberish, as like we see in, Coyote Ugly.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Coyote Ugly film. It was marketed as such, but it really is a teenage male fantasy. There is a scene where Violet literally fucks Kevin instead of facing her stage fright.

Gratuitous product placement occurs in some scenes:

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