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Thousands of players have had lots of memories with this FPS game. Based on them, 7Launcher CS Source received…. Ful, you're looking for a realistic game to play that involves shooting and combat, then this would be something to consider.

Warfare Online A free online multiplayer game for platoon warfare lovers. You can play the game as a terrorist ffree as a member of the SWAT team. No thanks Submit review.

Valve Corporation Download count: At the beginning of each round, players get the money to buy weapons and equipment; for killing enemies, and the objectives are given extra money. Want to find out why this series has so many followers? Counter-Strike, and also introduces ffree more realistic physical model.

You could hold hostages as a terrorist or need to shoot down a certain number of enemies as a SWAT member. You can spend hours and days on end looking through the list of servers running all kinds of game modes, Jail Break, Gun Game, Zombie Escape, Zombie Riot, Surf, to name a few and even some servers that dont have anything to do with shooting, like MiniGames servers where its a course you have to maneuver through without falling.

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GO when countre got released cause of the superior graphics and the ongoing updates to the game, so CSS was being left in the dark, but there is still an active community for CSS. The counter-terrorists special forces fighting against terrorists. The result is a visually more powerful, expandable, and scalable game — with the ability to add effects like normal mapping, reflections, HDR, and even physics with the Havok physics engine. Vikas September 23, at 3: One of the great attractions of Counter-Strike: More i love css.

Ranking in Action Games:.

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Each team battles one another during the game. The core gameplay is like many such soirce military shooter with a first-person, but, unlike them, based on rounds. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

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Counter Strike Source Free Download

Just look for the CS Source torrent download link which is located under this article, click on the link and when the download will end just open the torrent file. The counter-terrorists special forces fighting against terrorists.

No-Steam, unofficial, does not require activation Version: The goal is to win more rounds, over multiple levels, than the other team. There are various objectives regardless of which side you're on in the game. PROS The essence of the original Anonymous June 19, at 9: What do you think about Counter-Strike: Wasted 10 years of my life on this game. Fire in the hole!

Sourcee company that originally developed the mod was Turtle Studios; if that name sounds familiar, it is because they are the makers of the popular Left 4 Dead games. Anonymous December 8, at

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