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CEO, or Product Manager, or something else? Can we have a statement on the "legality" of using a third party ap to auto-find guilds with essence storage? Retrieved from " http: Last Jump to page:

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If we do find other third party application authors that are infringing upon our ToS, we retain the authority to reinstate bans on third party toola and their authors.

But how will I be able to be a Crusader then? Retrieved from " http: All times are GMT. It is the only reason I am still playing this game, and I don't play any other online games. We will not officially condone CA-Tools because it is not made by Castle Age developers directly, but by a third party author. Fix your own code, and eliminate the cheaters, before you even think about banning third party tools.

Beware 3rd Party Tools Our official stance on the subject is for people to protect their accounts and more importantly themselves. It seems like the usage of 3rd party addons on Web3 Castle Age when sending out a CTA is compromising private user information. May I ask Fools what prompted this statement?

If you do use this tool, please know that you use it at your own risk. If you are taking this stance, will there be sanctions against players who continue to use them? Has some third party tool been shown to be malicious or is it just a general concern?

That's why I find the tools so useful, they reduce some of the workload. I don't know about anyone else but I feel like Aage being overloaded with too much information and too much to do. Castle Age is not to my understanding a legal entity. Forum member since Playing Castle Age since Third Party Cwstle can act as spyware on your computer to perform any number of malicious things to you beyond just in Castle Age.

Based upon the broken game features that have never been fixed, and the constant stream of half debugged new features that are produced solely to tease more cash out ae the few who are willing to spend real cash on a game, that appears to be the case.

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Most of the players are not idiots; we know the dangers of using any application from the FB interface, and they are no worse for a third party tool than the danger that is due to using the Castle Age application. On the Castle Age level, because we zge people to perform actions like enter emails, passwords, and notably, change your email and password, tools have the ability to hijack your account.

Join Date Aug Posts 7, If the CA developers ban third party tools, they will lose me and many other castlw. Join Date Mar Posts We haven't been updating PVP much and have been cawtle out of our way to drive traffic away from PVP toward other features for about 4 years.

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Beware 3rd Party Tools

Join Date Aug Posts 5, Join Date Apr Posts If you would mind some bits in there: You should be aware however that posting casgle URL contained in the address bar will allow others to use your account. That being said since all the objectionable content were removed, we will not stop people from using this either, if it assists them within the confines of our Terms of Service.

We will also not take any responsibility should there be an outage, disruption of service, and etc. If you don't want players to use 3rd party tools maybe you can look at the features that these tools help with and add them to the UI? Can we have a statement on the "legality" of using a third party ap to auto-find guilds with essence storage?

The address bar issue has now been resolved, address bar links are now safe to post anywhere. Originally Posted by Tass.

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