Blind guardian at the edge of time

It is not as ambitious nor as challenging as A Night at the Opera , nor is it as stylistically risky as A Twist in the Myth. This album contains two epic songs that last for a long time and never stop being amazing all the way through. The lead work is even more competent and I might add nothing short of being flawless.

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On one side, we have the band's hectic, pitiless and technical power and speed metal style from the early years and on the other side, we get some dramatic, epic and massive symphonic metal sounds from the middle years.

Lead singer Hansi Kursch unfortunately never sounds as manic as he did in the band's earlier days, but his vocals carry the songs well and retain their power and class. It was written by Blind Guardian for the video game Sacred 2: Based on Peter S. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. For what else inspires nostalgia in my generation than the handful of years before we were born and that which never existed at all?

The violins and instruments setup a solid cadence before a vicious thrash riff erupts to never let go thr the fact that Blind Guardian is metal first and foremost.

BLIND GUARDIAN | At the edge of time - Nuclear Blast

Little did I release then tims I have been doing the same thing for the past several years, looking for something. Enter 'At the Edge of Time'. Of course this accomplishment is an afterthought. The main carryover from Twist is the simplicity of the melodies and the song structures, for the most part.

The scientific foundation for this is, of course, quite simple: I suspect that a pompous and self-important person like me finds such music to be appealing.

At last, after a four-year wait following 'A Fime in the Myth', Blind Guardian's new album has arrived. I think a sound can be so much more personal than a word, for it is not something spoken, but rather hummed or whistled, like we do when we are alone.

Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

But the samples on their site held out some hope, and now that Edeg gotten to tear through the album a number of times, I can honestly say that the remainder of this material makes up for the few, forgettable pieces. This is a popular band, and while I hold dearly to my experiences, I know them not to be just my own.

Retrieved 8 July This has some of the best individual licks on the record, so its almost a shame its tucked into the finale, but then, like any good stage performance, its indeed climactic.

The best song on this album is Sacred Worlds which opens with a really cool symphonic section bline leads into a heavy metal section with the orchestra mixed into the background.

Blind Guardian – At the Edge of Time Review

Guitars range from ultrafast leads, riffs and ti,e to more standard chords and riffs. Blind Guardian fans who have been salivating at the mouth blinv the wait of this CD to be released will continue to drool in awe once this CD enters their ear-drums. Coming off of the back of the rather lackluster A Twist In The Myth, 's studio album from one of the flagship bands of its genre is a very good release with a lot to love about it.

Another cycle of interesting literary subjects has been gathered for discussion, and the band have kept their fans in on the recording process, samples, and probably even the dietary supplements when recording their 9th full-length effort, At the Edge of Time. Theirs has been a rewarding fime to follow, and I consider almost everything they've ever done to be brilliant in some way or another.

As much as I could predict the presence of their mandatory plunge into acoustic minstrelsy, "Curse My Name" is a particularly good acoustic tune from them; comparisons with "A Past and Future Secret" off Imaginations from the Other Side wouldn't go unfounded.

As soon as vuardian band comes around with some technically great riffs, multiple layers of overwhelming orchestral sounds water the metal sound down.

At The Edge Of Time

Next is "Valkyries" which starts out with a nice acoustic intro reminiscent of nature, then turns into a simple, midpaced power metal number. Assumedly, Rand al'Thor at the last battle against the Dark One; although that had not yet happened in the series as of the release of this song, I'd be hard-pressed to find another scene in the series which matches the vastness, intensity, and torment found in this song. There a couple of short, slower-paced breakdowns, but they build back up in a very satisfying way.

Like many similar tracks throughout the band's career, this would normally represent a sappy and unnecessary lull from their true strength the metalbut the percussive climaxes here at least give something for the ears to latch upon.

The song closes with another symphonic piece, which is much less excessive than the opening one and works well as the song fades out. I daresay it wants one more fast song at around track six or seven, or maybe just a revamp of the track-list.

Regardless of the places they've ventured since, I believe Blind Guardian 's career-defining arc ended with A Twist in gaurdian Myth.

Canadian Albums Chart [28]. TrooperEdApril 27th, Written based on this version: This marks the highest position that a Blind Guardian album had reached until then in the US.

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