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Fancy a bike that easily carries weights of up to kgs and travels at 50kms per hour? Her crowing moment came when she joined Qatar Airways in December The media industry in Kenya is experiencing financial difficulties and as a result mass firing has been inevitable.

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Is she really my girlfriend? Nairobi residents urged to give views on financial bill MCAs becoming a disgrace Those disturbing the public peace must be arrested, tried and, if found guilty, jailed.

Outdated teaching link to joblessness. In the ranking by Alexa, the only known universal and bation tool used to determine how big and influential a website is, puts TUKO.

Daily Nation

Hawker detained over activist's murder Gabon president hospitalised in Saudi Arabia Quest: What would a good neighbour do? Saudi says Khashoggi murder 'premeditated' Saudi authorities allow Kashoggi's son, Salah, to leave the country.

Al Shabaab funds its deadly activities by taxing the communities under its control. The media industry in Kenya is experiencing financial difficulties and as a result mass firing has been inevitable.

Who has been targeted? Access is free and the site's daily hit rate is more than three million. A "chief finance controller" for extremist group al-Shabaab has been killed in an ambush on a meeting of its fighters in southern Somalia, the African Union peacekeeping mission announced Thursday.

TUKO.co.ke outshines 'Daily Nation' and 'Standard as most popular news site in Kenya

MCA to provide free lunch to all candidates in his ward. Jubilee most popular political party-survey.

Why Obado can't go near his big house Bill seeks cover for cancer, heart disease Universities hit hard by Sh1bn budget cut. Neqspaper ten months ago, TUKO.

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Scholarly world has been left poorer with the demise. Leaders clash over meeting with President. Nation Media Group was the last organisation.

Three journalists have been savagely beaten by angry church members outside a court. Current President Mulatu Teshome has served in the post for the last five years.

The man operating free ambulance service Swedish agency's initiative to benefit Somali businesses.

It was bought in by the Aga Khanand became a daily newspaper, Taifa leo Swahili for "Nation today"in January Videos video Customers brave the cold to buy first grams of dwily marijuana in Canada. Photo gallery The week in pictures. Judge clears air on bail dilemma Justice Lesiit said the daoly reasons for denying an accused bail are probability of escaping from. Gibendi at the time projected that TUKO. She added that though they do not live together, the suspect always looks after her hence the reason she was requesting that he be acquitted.

On October 5, I was followed on Instagram by leylakenya. Nairobi residents urged to give views on financial bill A young man charged with defilement has been set free the victim told a Kwale court that she and her baby have been depending on him for their upkeep. Kick out, punish errant public officers. Resolve maize scam and avert recurrence The challenges facing maize farmers did not start yesterday.

Time is ripe to review Vienna conventions. We give the devil too much credit.

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