Computer network textbook

Yes, the book is up-to-date with the major concepts that do not change e. The book is suitable as the primary text for an undergraduate or introductory graduate course in computer networking, as a supplemental text for a wide variety of network-related courses, and as a reference work. Each chapter follows a consistent approach: Yes the book is very modular and provides many small sections within each chapter for specific topics. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

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An Introduction to Computer Networks

The text is good to use for a reference book. View table of contents. A set of selective chapters can be used depending on the instructor. About the Book An Introduction to Computer Networks is a free and computdr general-purpose computer-networking textbook, complete with diagrams and exercises. The text is appropriate to both undergraduate to graduate students.

Comments This book would be appropriate for an instructor with a strong background in teaching networking and using a more technical approach. Tanenbaum takes a structured approach to explaining how networks work from the inside out. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

His research textbool are in programming languages and computer networks. However, I do feel many of the topics become very in-depth, very fast.

The text is well divided into a set of sections. It would be nice to have some of the information factored out, with some of the highlights available as lecture materials.

Computer Networks, Fifth Edition

It's not the computwr book, so using this in a first level class or in a more general IT, CS, or survey course will take some shepherding on the part of the instructor. On its own though, I feel this would be a strong resource to use in a computer networking course. Digital Voice and Data 2. Reviews Learn more about reviews. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

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Start Free Trial No credit card required. The comprehensiveness does suggest to me that this might be able to fill two courses worth of content, as well. However, the content is very technical and would be challenging for a non-technical person to understand all aspects. He starts with an explanation of the physical layer of networking, computer hardware and transmission systems; then works his way up to network applications. The Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange 8.

I believe the text is clear in most cases.

An Introduction to Computer Networks - Open Textbook Library

Tanenbaum presents key principles, then illustrates them utilizing real-world example networks that run through textbookk entire book—the Internet, and wireless networks, compter Wireless LANs, broadband wireless and Bluetooth. Yes, this book is accurate in the major areas that the reviewer read. Comments The text is appropriate to both undergraduate to graduate students. Since network technology is time-sensitive, some sections in the text should be updated.

Yes, the book is up-to-date with the major concepts that do not change e.

It is easy to selectively choose a section depending on the level of class or students. Likewise, there isn't much to work with here to be proactively inclusive. Overall, I think that this book is a great resource to have given its open textbkok.

The entire text was not reviewed.

The most content is up-to-date and the text is written in a way to easily be updated. However, when viewing in PDF, the large amount of subheadings for any one chapter can be a bit computet to navigate. The Fifth Edition includes a chapter devoted exclusively to network security.

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