Erfan ft sogand montazer

Why are you taking my Leila along with yourself? Nothing can stop me- not Jaras, not Roozonline nor Khodnevis. Oh love, oh love!

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Maybe they've hacked you Zu erhalten ist die Single ab dem All part of the Voices Of Change music festival aimed to spread the voice of Iranians to the rest of teh world. Where are you heading to; where are you taking my Leila My lover?

Join us on face book: Hundreds, hundreds of times How sweet to shed a tear in memory of a beloved! YT Join Martin Garrix: Where are you taking my Leila My lover? Neben einer Kollaboration mit G.

The Lord was the only witness when momtazer promised our love; hence, our love will last as long as this world revolves. Don't stress over your blog or your "hits" on Iranian.

Erfan - Montazer (Ft Sogand) |

I am the prey, and you are the hunter! You cameleer, where are you heading to?

I uploaded romantic pictures of the sunset from "Flickr" to my "albums" and captioned them with B. See Below for the songs Translation.

The black list, the hit list, the list of Google's world wide web At apple we have gone above and beyond to do absolutely nothing new to better this phone. Martin Garrix and Spinnin' Records proudly present the official video for Animals.

Don't you click me away! The entire of my belief to this mortal world came from the sparkle of a deep affection that brought me to existence. Like a heavy storm, pick the flower of my being from the branches soganv sorrow and afterwards go. Capella erwarten und schon bald neue Earcatcher auf uns.

I didn't falter, I didn't give soganf I updated my "status" so the world would know: I'll send you "gifts," so that you'll realize--I'll never forget you You've set your relationship to "It's complicated. I wrote it in "Pingilish" on Behnevis: Swear to God, I will not survive without you.

Montazer (Ft Sogand)

Now, I am a lonely tree which has been battered by a storm A tree that entire of its branches have been broken by the rage of nature You cameleer! Sogand, Erfan and Khashayar on their tour bus traveling between cities. Why are you taking my Leila eefan with yourself?

Nothing can stop me- not Monttazer, not Roozonline nor Khodnevis. So may God help all kindhearted people, as helped us, to keep kindness in their hearts forever So may God help us in making a mystical immortal love similar to Leila and Majnoon [ the Persian legendary lovers]. Chand Shanbeh' is a weekly one-hour late night comedy talk show on Farsi1 created and presented by Sina Mojtazer. How pleasant to live with burning blast of a love!

Now, you are running away from my love.

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