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What would normally take a high-end 3D application to create can now be done in minutes inside of AE! All of these were used in their default settings and as you can see, the combination creates a really nice look and this took about 10 seconds to drag the three filters onto the clip. Ever since the package has expanded to include camera and light features as well. Other new Image Restoration tools include Reframer, designed to be applied to footage shot on a smartphone in vertical position and quickly prepare it for broadcast, and Remover, which is essentially a clone effect to remove logos or unwanted objects. Review, Editorial Walter Biscardi.

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This is still not as nice as just having the title media recreated as desired, and potentially more work than the workaround suggested below by the reviewer of doing titles at the output resolution from the start. Transition curve overlays are a clever new features for BCC 9, too.

An indispensable tool for the docu editor You may have already heard of AV3's Bboris, an app designed to search video files.

You can activate one installation at a time, and there is no limit to the number of times you can transfer the license from one machine to another. Is BCC 9 worth it? Be the first to review this item. BCC Remover fills in missing pixels and removes objects with clone and auto-fill options BCC Dropout Fixer easily restores tape based damaged footage with field or frame dropouts BCC Reframe reformats and stylizes vertical cell co,plete video footage into a standard 16x9 aspect ratio for broadcast Includes ocmplete to stylize the foreground and background with blur, stretch, and mirroring New Effects in BCC 10 BCC Light Leaks adds organic and naturalistic "in-camera" light and exposure effects to stylize and enhance footage BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of contlnuum artifacts, signal loss, and corrupt digital video The embedded Beat Reactor in BCC Video Glitch can sync glitch effects to audio New Transitions in BCC 10 Each transition comes with boirs pre-built presets for an easy starting point.

A tennis ball is thrown in the air, and once it is struck by the tennis racket, it turns into a flaming ball with particles shooting out behind it, creating a powerful message for the racket manufacturer.

It appears very simple but you comlete have a lot of underlying control and of course, the mocha tracking is available. BCC 10 Quick Look: Boris FX Boris Soundbite: You can compare side-by-side, with a split-screen slider, with the layers below, or with an arbitrary layer from the timeline.

Boris Continuum Complete - HD Video Pro

Trapcode Particular and Form users should be able to handily navigate these effects. Write a review aqvzqsevweasfwzvbxtadxyfbbae. An indispensable tool for the docu editor You may have already heard of AV3's Get, an app designed to search video files. Beat Reactor and Motion Tracking are worth calling out again here; using these features in Premiere can save you a trip to After Effects.

Again, this is default, I have not changed anything on the filter.

Walter Soyka On Boris Continuum Complete 9 NLE & AE Plug-ins

That said, I was surprised at how competitive some of these effects are. This allows you to blend the rendered effect with the original image. One of my favorite units, Lights, offers some nice effects that can be used for both motion graphics and visual effects.

If you have need for one or the other, getting the look down with these tightly-focused effects is a lot faster than starting with a generalized particle system and tweaking it to perfection. A Winner For Every Creative by walter biscardi I was given those prices at the end of the article directly from Boris FX so they are current as of now.

Whatever is keyed is where the smoothing will take place.

Review: Boris FX: Boris Continuum Complete V.9

The decision making process is not always practical. Only the most ridiculous, insanely amazing tracking conntinuum in post production. Thanks for the kind words! The browser has a built-in browsing history that displays recent searches.

Walter Soyka On Boris Continuum Complete 9 NLE & AE Plug-ins : Boris FX

While there are some shortcomings and a lack of polish in some effects, the new annual vontinuum subscription option makes BCC 10 a compelling value proposition for professional post facilities, especially considering it will take multiple products from different vendors to equal the depth of this wide toolset.

Beat Boria lets you drive the parameters of an effect from a sampled audio file. There are a bunch of great animated title reveals and elements for both flat and 3D text.

With the integrated mocha, Beauty Studio helps make beauty work relatively painless and will allow editors to do more advanced finishing without relying on an effects artist. Many of us still use Photoshop just because we have so many options available to us to create text and type. I've been a casual Boris FX user for years, using a handful of effects from time to time, according to very specific needs, but not using BCC effects on a daily basis.

So you would deliver the online person a copy of the sequence that uses the unaffected Avid titles and also a bin full of appropriately labeled BCC effects — naming the effects in the bin or adding comments to them indicating to which title the effect is to be applied etc. Drastically reduce time-consuming masking and manual keyframing Simplifies tasks such as blurring faces, isolating filters, and correcting footage Unlimited mask layers for simple effect isolation to full blown rotoscoping Track lens flares, corner pins, titles, and graphics with mocha tracking data BCC Beauty Studio BCC Beauty Studio is a new skin retouching tool that gives editors the ability to smooth skin and reduce blemishes making their talent look better.

These tools are designed to fix and improve footage. It allows you to have Continuum Complete 10 open in up to all the compatible hosts at the same time, as long as on the same computer.

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