Home recording studio

However, solid and affordable dynamic microphones, like the Shure SM58 vocal and SM57 instrument , can still perform a multitude of tasks in your home studio. Now that your speakers are in the ideal location, you can consider treating the room acoustically. If you need more channels, you will need a larger interface.

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For all of our words and expressions, they often prove to be inadequate when compared to the elegance of music. While they worked somewhatit still left much to be desired. A the quality and skill of the singer B the quality of the room you record in. The srudio video in the series focuses on building a home studio. One of the tough parts about running a session with a DAW remote is….

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CHAPTER 6: The Complete Recording Studio Equipment List

But all that stuff is pretty far outside the scope of both this article and this website. The solution to this problem is of course, a control surfacewhich is essentially a MIDI controller designed to mimic the look and feel of the analog boards from decades-past.

Ultimately, what you want is…. A simple model will be easier to learn and work with. These are truly incredible, flat, and accurate headphones that you can use to mix.

Avoid controllers that are too complicated. Do your best, and then learn to mix with what you have. But luckily for the recordig of us, there are plenty of great affordable options as well.

You will eventually amass a collection of dozens of different microphones, each for different purposes. More importantly, it slows down your workflow, and makes it much harder to perform some of the more advanced mixing techniques, such as automation. Which allows engineers to switch back and forth between different speakers with the push of a button.

And in studios that can afford one, this added functionality can make the entire recording studik much easier for everyone involved. Which is why I recommend a headphone extension cable at least 20 ft long, such as this one. Studio Monitors In the pro audio world, we call them either studio monitorsor nearfield monitors.

Recording Studio Equipment List: The Essential 33 Items

Classic Example for Drums: And if you want to record bands which most people eventually do you need more channels. Many monitor speakers have recordung ports on the back.

This is a fantastic product if it can fit your budget. High-end condenser mics, typically used in studio applications, can cost thousands of dollars.

Something like the Focusrite 2i2 or PreSonus Audiobox will work well for most applications. You see…by placing your studio monitors directly on the desk, sound vibrations transfer through the surface of the desk… Which decreases the accuracy of stueio monitors themselves, and can even create new and unpredictable resonances from any other objects receiving those vibrations.

So far we have only discussed room setup and treatment for mixing. If you record a great singer in a room that is free of unwanted noise, resonance, and echo, you will have stellar tracks.

This mic is great for picking up the higher frequencies of acoustic instruments and bright cymbals. Because in this reality, mixing is usually done on a computer keyboard and mouse.

Apogee Big Ben 3. At this stage in the game, with the gear you now own…. The easiest and the best way to achieve this is by hiring professionals.

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