Gzip compressed archive file

The number tells how large "chunks" in steps of kB should compress at a time, so using bzip2 -5 foo. Pages with deep filing. Adds files to a compressed zip archive. As described in Running Linux , one can mirror everything from from-stuff to to-stuff this way:.

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With no arguments, gzip compresses the standard input and writes the compressed file to standard output.

Extracts files from zip archives. Extracts files from a variety of compression formats, including 7z 7-zip and RAR. Note that a zip -archive contains individualy compressed files collected into a single file. To add more files, use the append-option -A. Like for gzip the quality of the compression can be specified by giving a number between 1 and 9 as an option e.

Specify the file with the file-option -F:. If you have access to a tape device or other backup medium, then you can use it instead of an archive file. Retrieved from " https: Z" extension appended to its name. Z" or several fjle of a file. When creating an archive, a list of files is fed to its standard-input rather than specifying the files on the commandline.

What are GZ files (Gzip compressed format)

As described in Running Linuxone can mirror everything from from-stuff to to-stuff this way:. Third edition, O'Reilly and Associates.

Views Read Edit View history. The other popular choice is. Policies and guidelines Contact us. For example, suppose we have two directories, from-stuff and to-stuff.

Compress gzip and package tar the directory myfiles to create myfiles.

Guide to Unix/Commands/File Compression - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Slackware packages use the latter convention. An option of -1 through -9 can be used to specify how good bzip2 should compress. Wikibooks Guide to Unix Computing.

You can extract files from a zip archive using unzip. Pages with deep filing. You can also specify standard input or output -f - instead of an compresaed file or device. Adds files to a compressed zip archive.

Guide to Unix/Commands/File Compression

Only undamaged "chunks" can be recovered with bzip2recover from a damaged bzip2-file, so if you've compressed kB chunks, you'll loose kB of your file if one chunk is damaged - but only kB if you used kB chunks bzip2 Archve given a file as an argument, gzip compresses the file, adds a ". This is the opposite of how it's done for most other compressed Unix -archives e. It is possible to use copy between directories by piping two "tar" commands together.

For fgrep the compressec -i means "ignore case", and the option -l cause it to just list the filenames of files matching the pattern.

The zip format is a common archiving file format used on Microsoft Windows PCs. Pipe it into a pager for easy reading of a compressed file. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

Because "pax" does not assume the tape device, some prefer it to "tar".

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