Ft thunk kernel32 dll

I tried changing the compatability mode of the exe file to Win98 but still the same, just tried changing compatability to Win and all is OK again. You could try install the game without using the compartibility Wizard and then see if it will run that way. The strange part was that I actually have a original copy of cleopatra but windows XP won't locate my disc. You might have problems with latency, but Cakewalk 5 isn't low latency anyway so you may not care.

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I get the same error message when I try to run an older version of cakewalk. Originally Posted by olek Thank you.

I'm also having this problem. That EMU's cards including the M may not work with computer games I bought the game yesterday. I have an game. You can also get it here: I've never had any problems running Diablo 2 on Vista.

Last edited by WeaponizedGamer ; Oct 24, 3: If you are on a multi-user system, try for something like administrative rights. Good luck with your Diablo hardships! I think both these solutions have the best dlp of succeeding in wine, but try both just to be sure.

Sep 5, 02 at The original first thunk is needed if the imports are bound but the imported. There is "First Thunk" FTwhich loader overwrites after execution with correct addresses.

FT_Thunk (KERNELdll) - Tech Support Forum

It can be found on www. So the process can call that function with its address. Thread title From Last replied Now searching It's also possible that some of the cheaper "non-professional" Creative Labs cards may come with MIDI Sequencing software, but I don't know you will have to shop around. Jan 5, 03 at 2: Dec 25, 03 at 9: P2P We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description.

This game was made back inso it was built without Windows XP in mind. Can anyone please help me with this problem!!! kdrnel32

Simple install, no plumbing Solar Hot Water! Dec 8, 03 at 8: The message I get is: Only with Cakewalk pro V5.


Search this Thread Advanced Search. You are not logged in. Probably because I have two DVD-players and nothing else. If you could't find the file just email me and I will send it to you. Program is Cakewalk V5.

I just performed the upgrade and oernel32 the same error. Powered by neoforums v3.

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