E-sword for linux

How do I view books from this site? The following steps only apply if you are using the Tentmaker e-Sword cd. New King James Version is a leading Bible translation that remains faithful to the original languages and the heritage of the KJV, yet is highly readable.

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e-Sword Alternatives for Linux

Click the Down arrow that looks like this: Yes it is a Dell running Ubuntu To download and install e-Sword on your PC, please follow these simple steps: This could explain the issues you are encountering. The steps listed here are for Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint but may also work on other Linux distributions. Can you try the new procedure above, please? Once the modules are unzipped you should now be ready to run e-Sword.

Which version of Ubuntu are you running? Is there any way to resolve this? When it's done installing you'll see a window that says "Changes applied" Click the "Close" button.

I had to change a few steps but now have everything working on Ubuntu AndroidWindows Phone. Below are the error output lines.

How to install e-Sword bible software in Ubuntu LTS bit using a bash script | mark

License Free Commercial Open Source. I only tested this newer bash script in Ubuntu By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There is no need for uninstalling older versions before updating.

It is open-source software, and available free-of-charge to all.

How to install e-Sword in Linux using Wine

How to compile and install both CUDA 6. Hi Mark, Thanks for the new version of the program — but unfortunately it gives the same error. Bibles based on the Textus Receptus are available in several languages. BibleTime is a completely free Bible study program.

I can't remember if I had problems changing font sizes or not, but I changed the default font to Tahoma to get the larger font that I wanted. I have just updated the entire procedure. Notify me of new comments via email.

There should be an icon on your desktop called e-Sword. You need this to get started. Put the Tentmaker e-Sword CD in your computer if it's not already.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A list of packages with the word "wine" in them should now appear. BibleLightning lets you search and browse the Bible like the internet, with extensive search on various grammatical forms, clickable links to verses and cross references, and back- and forward buttons. So, this script should help a lot of people having problems installing e-Sword. HTML mode is enabled.

SermonIndex To download multiple sermons automatically we have created a SermonIndex Software application that you can download on your desktop computer.

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