Defenders of the crown

If you win against your enemies you will get some more gold for that game turn. The player must amass armies and fight for control of opponents' castles. I know the game sounds pretty simple, but I assure you that it is fun to play.

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You have six shots to work on the wall, after that the assault starts. Of course one knew the game after some time so well that it was no challange any more but in what C64 games was this not the case?

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For a fast game every few months I can always recommend DOC, although you only need one half of the brain. Unmotivated, no army, broke, single and bad hair day. Retrieved 4 July However, from me full 10 points for a milestone of the computer game history. A foot soldier stands for up the 25 soldiers, a rider for up to 10 knights. But thieves can decrease your gold reserves - this is one of the random things that can happen in any turn.

It costs at least five gold pieces and is only possible if there was no other tournament in the previous round.

You need to be logged in to cast a vote. It became a best seller, selling 20, copies by the end of[1] and 1 million by If you win against your enemies you will get some more gold for that game turn.

At the start of the battle you must batter down the walls with your catapult you must have at least 1 catapult in your army in order to attack castlesbut after that part the battle is the same as the others whether or not you destroyed defendees walls. The goal of the game is to conquer all of them. Defenfers you like this game, you will also like. Generally you can say, that the player with the higher Leadership value has the better chances in a fight, even though he might be slightly short-handed.

The graphics are great, the sound was good despite being in two voices and matched the knight-movie atmosphere. But it is also possible to get further professional help from Robin Hood by clicking on the Sherwood Forest.

If you do not succeed to blow a breach, even a manifold short-handed garrison can defend an attack successfully.

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There are no reviews yet. The tension came mainly from the random events in the first phase. If I get hit or not is rather a coincidence. Defender of the Crown has the best graphics that I have seen yet on a home computer.

The PC version is worse than the Amiga one in the graphics part EGA is not a match for the color Amiga versionand it also has small differences in gameplay. The graphics in the game was staggeringly good forif you claim anything else, you weren't there when the jaws of the whole C64 community hit the ground collectively. Lastly, there are 2 random things that can happen in any turn. These days everyone sees graphics like that because there are a lot of really good computer graphics artists now, but back then, 20 years ago, it was astonishing to have someone that good.

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There have to be other games than Pirates! Starting out with a small band of soldiers, you'll gather your military strength to take England back from the Norman menace. A new addition to the game involved the use of Hero and Tactic cards during battles, giving sefenders user's army various upgrades during the on-screen melee. During the game random events are triggered in irregular intervals, which can have good and bad effects. In library In cart Soon Wishlisted. The home provinces of the lords are displayed with a castle, a hatchment or a flag show the owner.

But these ports featured more in-depth strategic elements compared to the unfinished original version.

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