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The formerly flat, whitewashed GUI has been superseded by a groovier charcoal skin that's far easier on the eye. These have all been designed to encourage movement into your sounds, with each, as you'd expect from their names, targeted at a specific sound manipulation area. We should mention that the quartet of LFOs is still as powerful as ever, with the ability to draw upon the same set of ten waveforms that fuel the oscillators. You can create up to ten wave shapes, and switch between them using drop-down menus.

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However, there's more here than meets the eye, as each row can actually feature two "waves" as Cableguys call them. Each oscillator can feed into multiple filter options; one or the other, or one and then the other and so on, with a filter bypass option available on a per-oscillator basis too.

Pros Dual waveforms csbleguys oscillator.

RA Reviews: Cableguys - Curve 2 (Tech)

Macros can be routed to hardware control dials of your choice, so the possibilities for real-time sonic manipulation become very impressive very quickly. On the right side of the main matrix is a smaller matrix that is for setting up additional FM options between the oscillators.

Alternatively, you can also contact us via contact cableguys. Xurve idea here is to allow simultaneous access to swathes of parameters that work well together. When you click the arrows at the upper-right of the wave display, it opens it up to a larger display making it cablegjys to edit. Curve is a three oscillator subtractive synth plugin with customizable waveforms, 7-voice unison, an easy-to-use interface, and high-quality sound. We hope you'll enjoy reading what you find vurve and visit this site on a cqbleguys basis.

Once you've selected an LFO waveform, you can then decide how it will trigger, whether it will do so freely or beat-sync'd to host tempo, with plenty of other choices besides.

When it comes to LFO control, you'll be delighted to hear that the waveforms available are the very same as those you created cuvre the oscillator stage, which helps explain why 10 are available rather than six. In addition to the ten wave shapes you can use, Curve 2 also has standard envelopes as well. Thankfully, this browser makes it easy to navigate through them, and get you headed in the right direction.

Review – Curve 2.5 by Cableguys

Draw custom oscillator shapes and design unique rhythmic LFOs and envelopes. Any waveform you can imagine is just a click away with Cableguys' famous wave-editing tools. There are individual glide controls for each oscillator, plus mono, legato, and poly modes you can choose from.

Mon, 01 Oct 9 comments Moog reveals new flagship polysynth, the Moog One It's the company's most powerful synth since the beloved Voyager. But don't let either of these things put you off—Curve is well worth it anyway, as it genuinely rewards experimentation.

Once you've marveled at the wide range of great-sounding programs in the preset library which, incidentally, features a database of free user patches which you can update via a quick in-plugin web-browse any time you likethe easiest way to understand Curve 2's capabilities is to build a new program from scratch. Cableguys started out inand besides creating Curve they are the producers of many other music software plugins.

Welcome to SoundBytes Magazinea free online magazine cablwguys to the subject of computer sound and music production. This really cuts down the size of the matrix because you are getting three amounts taken care of in the space of each column.

And Curve's cableguy sound great - seemingly simple, with only a pair of controls each Cutoff and Resonance, of coursethere are ten modes from which to choose, including 12dB and 24dB variants. Even though I have reviewed many other music software plugins in my time with SoundBytes, I have had my eye on one plugin for a while. Now you get fully customisable multistage envelopes that can be drawn in the main display, just like the oscillator and LFO waveforms.

Curve's oscillators, LFOs and envelopes are all cablegugs by custom waveforms that you draw yourself using Cableguys' unique Wave Editor. The one-page matrix view always shows you precisely what's happening.

Other choices include viewing all the presets that are available, approved presets, or just your creations. You might assign one of the extra envelopes to filter cutoff, and the other envelope could be for something like the LFO speed. Some macro controls are here as well, which can be assigned to as many as eight different targets per knob for modulation.

REmatrix by Overloud Review: As we'll see, it's one with more than a few tricks to cablegguys off too. One macro knob - labelled Fatness - is conveniently pre-assigned in new patches, but you can overwrite this if you like, of course, and, indeed, rename it. Thank You For Your Download.

There are four independent LFOs within Curve 2.

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