Best pc games 2015

With all five episodes now released, a marathon awaits. Don't let the cute little Kerbals fool you: Latest articles Fallout Each stretch of road, every bus stop, every link in the transport network is important, and even small changes can have meaningful results.

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It's not luck that will save you, but rather careful planning and clever execution.

Spooky shooter Alan Wake returns to stores and cheap as chips. Picking your way through stories might lead to coin, or a new crew member, or maybe something so horrific it causes your men to abandon you.

Bug splatting, nightmare horror fleeing, drug induced ultra-violence in top-down form. An all star cast banters back and forth as you fool malevolent robots, sneak past security measures and generally make a nuisance of yourself. Sam Barlow's excellent mystery is told entirely through a database of short video interviews. All Metal Gear Solid V: Some of the prettiest 2D work out there. Battles mean more when you care this much about gamee, and the result is some of the most tense space battles you'll find in a game.

The skaven are the ga,es stars, evoking the goblins of Moria in their gleeful, feverish bloodlust.

The 20 Best PC Games of 2015

Not the actual Syndicate, mind, but the one that exists in the memories of those who played it over 20 years ago. You're given a glitch-removal device that can clear fake corrupted game code, and a coat that lets you teleport through solid objects—a wee bit more exciting than the power-ups typically found in this sort of game.

It looks a bit like Styx: That template is still a thing of wonder today, and now we can enjoy it with fancier visual effects, and with added multiplayer—the only notable omission of the previous game.

These genres, the links for which should take you where you mean to go: Look, we can hope, right? Its claim to fame is a highly mutable storyline based on your actions and more humourous tone than its peers.

Who is the Arkham Knight? Early front-runner for gif-generator of the year, the horrendous weapons of mass destruction the internet managed to craft from simple tools makes it ever more impressive we managed to reach the 21st century as a species.

Offering short enough sessions that it doesn't outstay its welcome, this has been on constant rotation since it hit Early Access. All Ghost Of A Tale posts.

One part Lovecraft, one part adventure, one part interactive fiction, and a whole host of other parts we won't ruin. While the stark simplicity might feel cold or even cruel at first, Mode 7 have in fact boiled the Synapse formula down to something perhaps more beautiful, burning away its impurities to leave hard diamond. Spooky shooter Alan Wake returns to stores and cheap as chips To vary it up, the only way to kill your opponents is to burn your health bar in a variety of light-show gzmes.

Never before 2051 the Total War moniker been more apt as you see Europe razed by the Huns. Rocket League The best game of ! You use a deck of traps and weapons, along with four team-mates, to push your minions into the enemy base and destroy it. Its radioactive Boston is a treasure trove of treats, mostly in the form of springs, shards of metal, and lc lightbulbs.

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Plus, they managed to have a toy version of Black Widow. An audio-visual overhaul of a Playstation 2 game in the Spyro Bandicoot mold. You'll start with the ambition of merely building a working rocket in this massively freeform sandbox game, before setting your sights on the Moon—sorry, the Mun—and beyond.

Please enable Javascript to view comments. The best part about the game, though, is its focus on rewarding actual strategy and planning, rather than just the player who can manage individual squads bets.

Return of the Obra Dinn. With all five episodes now released, a marathon awaits.

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