Fairy jewels 2

Unfortunately, Themida is also used to hide malware; so, as a precaution, some security software may block the installation and sometimes even delete the executable file. Rescue Team 8 Collector's Edition. More than 20 unique objects Storyline with original characters Rebuildable world map 12 unique extra-spells levels Bonus mini game level. Earn extra scores and help the fairies rebuild their city. To make changes, use the Edit or Cancel buttons.

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Fairy Jewels 2

Twisted Fate Collector's Edition. Poor creatures were locked and you need strong persistence to set them free as the way is really long. This game fxiry no fun. At first it adds some fun, but frankly to say it seems a bit boring then. To sum it up, we can say the game is really charming featured with colorful graphics, addictive plot and suitable gameplay for all ages!

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You can find the new thread which Fairj posted in the sticky section of the game discussion forums to make it easier to find if you fariy perusing the game discussion forums HERE. Thanks looks fun Save Cancel. Unfortunately, Themida is also used to hide malware; so, as a precaution, some security software may block the installation and sometimes even delete the executable file. This web site goes all to crap when you are not here so I am glad you are back!

Every destroyed stone mewels you some points and you need to collect the coins that are placed inside the color cages. Release them from an evil spell with a swift flick of your magic wand. A magical fantasy for action puzzlers, Fairy Jewels 2 serves up a solid dose of gem-matching goodness that spans levels of jewel-clearing, fairy-freeing entertainment.

I encourage everyone to at least give the demo a try.

You start the game again, and it plays on past the problem spot as if there was no problem. Your username will be displayed on your review. Fight your way though four stylish worlds, surviving a large variation of different robots and machines.

See in-game help for detailed instructions. Don't know which one worked since I did them all at once.

Welcome to Hell Lock. Help Wonderland shine with new splendor in a magically entertaining puzzle adventure that's full of family fun!

Fairy Jewels 2 - Download Free Games for PC

Allow notifications in your browser. The Empire Staggers Back.

Monsters Among Us Collector's Edition. Rescue Team 8 Collector's Edition. The storyline is pathetic; who writes this stuff?

Screen kept shutting down uninstalled reinstalled happened again Uninstalled to many problems Save Cancel. Fairy Jewels 2 is rated 2. This game is brought to you by our sponsors. I am getting too frustrated to continue. No similar feedback found.

Thanks looks quaint but funnish. Halloween's Uninvited Guest Collector's Edition. As play begins, you have the choice of indulging via Story Mode or Time Mode.

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I intend to finish the game just to get through it but I don't expect to jeeels go back to it, whereas I've already played Fairy Jewels 1 about five times and look forward to playing it again.

Predecessor Fairy Jewels did not crash. Check us out on: No, thanks Yes, I'd like to.

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