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There is a growing realisation among the scientific community that the current production-based greenhouse gas accounting framework does not capture the true essence of responsibilities towards global emissions. He repeatedly opposed the idea of expropriating wealth or property from the rich, yet, for him, wealth did not "belong" to the rich owner. In West Bengal, municipal fiscal indicators have improved, but municipality finances are in a grossly unsatisfactory state. Not every article in a journal is considered primary research and therefore "citable", this chart shows the ratio of a journal's articles including substantial research research articles, conference papers and reviews in three year windows vs.

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The emergent coalitions in the subsystem have been analysed for their belief systems, actors, structure and resources.

The pro-Kannada, anti-Hindi protests witnessed in Karnataka in once again drew attention to the perpetual tussle for power among languages in India.

Nevertheless there has been very slow progress in poverty reduction, and there has been catastrophic destruction of environment and increase of inequality. Own source revenue is insufficient to cover revenue expenditure. It makes an at tempt to evaluate the food security within this community by exploring predominant variables operating in the area leading to malnutrition: Rammanohar Reddy, who resigned in January [4] only to controversially end in with Guha Thakurta also resigning.

The challenges around creating empowered and legitimate city leaders in India are examined and a way forward is charted out. Desperate attempts to prevent liquidation of power economid assets in companies that are defaulters point to a deeper crisis afflicting neo-liberal growth.

The different nuances of Gandhian trusteeship are examined by tracing the influences on Gandhi that led him to his conclusions. The articles are contributed by leading academics, well-known public commentators, young social scientists and political activists who seek a platform to publish their views.

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Challenges of competition and regulation in the telecom sector. A continuing tale of deficiency.

Eventually professor and scholar Gopal Guru was appointed as the new editor in January All India Radio's glory days and its search for autonomy.

Does Kathua have a place in the larger narrative of our national identity? The vocalisation of Gandhi as a symbol of Indian engagement with climate change and sustainable development asks to be located within broader normative perspectives on the content and directionality of a Gandhian approach.

This makes it a veritable monograph-sized publication put out every week. The lack of a single point of authority with clear ownership is derailing our cities as this institutional arrangement does not allow for a single point of accountability.

The owner was merely the "trustee," one who was dut y-bound to take care of the wealth and use it not just for his personal welfare but for the welfare of many. In addition subscribers to the print and digital archives can access and download all articles published from the very first issue of EPW, in Also, the purpose behind setting up these shelter homes should be examined and redefined.

But, poolitical India, extreme and deliberate profit inflation was implemented to finance war spending by the Allied forces, leading to the death by starvation of three million persons in Bengal. Rights-based approaches to development in Odisha: Skip to main content. The present structure is a confusing weeekly of specialist and generalist branches, at different layers of government, and has largely resulted in inter-branch rivalries, dissatisfaction, and a dysfunctional organisational structure, affecting the efficiency of the senior management and governance.

Inter-category fiscal disparities are large. Internet search engines provide a vital platform for various groups to interact and create value. The multiple meanings of nature conservation: In this context, this article sheds some light on the consequences of the removal of restriction on direct sugar use as feedstock for ethanol production for overall domestic sugar demand. In light of this, a rationalised redesign, effected through a mix of mergers, abolitions, and reinvention and with specialised—generalist branches responsible for broad domains of functions, appears to be the most suitable strategy for reform.

Economic and Political Weekly

The NER has comparative trade advantage in weeily labour-intensive products, and participation in services-based GVCs, particularly tourism, can be very profitable for the NER.

The data used in the calculation may not be exhaustive. On the one hand, they help users find answers to their search queries, and on the other, search engines monetise their free search econpmic by selling advertisements to connect potential buyers with sellers. India's Growing Crisis of Governability.

In the last four decades since independence, Bangladesh has become more marketised, more globalised, and more urbanised than ever.

The vocalisation of Gandhi as a symbol of Indian engagement with climate change and sustainable development asks to be located within broader normative perspectives on the content and directionality of a Gandhian approach.

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