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Locked as old, if the topic needs fresh discussion, make a fresh topic Posted Mon 02 Jul 18 6: Posted Sat 17 Sep 11 9: The only way I would use 4 decks is if I have a instrumental track playing with an acapella over the top, and was mixing in a new track but wanted the acapella to cross both tracks for a better mix, the fourth deck would be a scratch sample waiting, or a mic line in if mobile. Posted Sat 19 Jul 14 6: Just found a problem - no pitch reset button on the skin.

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Actually it resize the main wave-form over the decks too, but, for me, it's redundat, because there's already a vertical "bar" on top left of main wave-form decj do this functionality.

Thank You in advance for attention. Looking forward to using it at my next gig. Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 7: What is specially helpful is when you think you are going to play a track but then you get that "great idea" to play something different so I just load it to the other deck and toggle it in and play it.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE - VirtualDJ 8 - 4 Decks Swap - Pads version

I must be old skool: It has always been a problem getting engrossed in browsing and having to constantly ddeck on the status of the players. I have used your deck swap skin for VDJ7 for quite some time. I'll usually have a looped beat with vocals on one then use the 3rd deck to move to a different acapella with the same beat I think someone else already mentioned that style too.

Just found a problem - no pitch reset button on the skin.

I use these extensively when I want to beat mix or disable beat mixing. On my notebook with resolution x, it's very difficult to read clearly all the text on the skin some it's not readable at all. Posted Thu 15 Sep 11 7: Actually it resize the main wave-form over the decks too.

Huey Posted Fri 16 Sep 11 Ooh and thank you, thank you, thank you for the Mini players when using browser zoom. How do YOU use 4 decks? If virtuap a problem, don't worry: It definitely takes some practice.

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I'd love to start a discussion on this. I've just started using the four decks but only for remixes I've been doing where I've needed a 3rd or 4th deck for samples. But with your skin I can't do this with the fj if it is needed. Posted Mon 01 Sep 14 4: Posted Fri 18 Jul 14 Posted Mon 02 Jul 18 5: Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 8: I altered the VMS skin so that the crossfaders sides were configurable, so I could rule out certain desks or even move left to right: Posted Wed 23 Jul 14 2: Posted Fri 18 Jul 14 8: Is it correct that to show the browser in full screen mode I must hold down the "Browse" button on controller?

I would never mix 4 actual songs together unless playing mnml even then I'd probably only use 3 otherwise the sound gets too muddy. Currently I'm just using deck 1 and 2 as my mains to mix the music, and deck3 for tones and loops while deck 4 has scratch samples.

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I removed two of the four mini decks and had started to add in a small mixer. I thing I found interesting was the use of the crossfader.

Is anyone else using clever and inventive ways to utilize these new tools? So I use 4 decks to stage ahead Prepare for imminent mod-lock.

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