Alanis morissette underneath

When we all jump on this train, cooperation is inevitable because we have common goals and unity of will, even in our diversity of personality. And when I say Christian I'm speaking of Jesus' words and not necessarily the general philosophies of the religion. She is rejected by passers by at each turn.

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No more "clique-forming" or "heart-blocking". The first vignette follows Alanis as she attempts to hand out fliers promoting positivity and openness. We are all going to the same placemorisserte just have to decide our destination.

Underneath (Alanis Morissette song)

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Italian Singles Chart [18]. Lyrics submitted by Khonnor. Definitely one of the best I've seen recently. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Alanis Morissette: Underneath - First Version (Video ) - IMDb

And I, for one, totally agree. Awards and nominations Discography Songs. It was released on the internet in January I love Alanis, too.

In part by looking upon both our inner and outer realms as provinces of The Kingdom of Heaven. I love this song on alot of levels. Thanks for posting it Khonner. So do Alanis proud.

Add your thoughts 17 Comments. Japan Hot [19]. So while her voice sounds even a bit harsher when set against the track's popping, mechanical drums, the video just confuses [ We must take responsibility for what is and "be the change which we want to see in the world" Alanis, Gandhi, Michael Jackson, etc. Alanis has often stated her "micro is macro" philosophy.

UK Singles Chart [21]. And when I say Christian I'm speaking of Jesus' words and not necessarily the general philosophies of the religion.

Why not add your own? At the close of the video, the only poster remaining on the wall of her apartment reads, "Save the Earth. Why don't we just steer the ship to a better morissettee General Comment Does anyone else love the video to this song?

The Kingdom of Heaven is unserneath current reality in that it potentially already resides in the personal experience of man, but its outer realization The Kingdom on Earth is consequent upon both the spiritualization of the soul and the yielding of its fruits in the lives of other men.

Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks [22]. In essence, she realizes that change "starts in [her] living room," and that "what we're doing in [our heart] shows up as bigger symptoms out [in the world]. General Comment first off i love this woman!!!!! This is the concept of fellowship and brotherhood - we are all sons of the One Father on Paradise. I think she's directing it to humanity itself about how we can change the world ourselves by doing our part. Retrieved April 30, Underneath is found on the underjeath Flavors of Entanglement [Deluxe Edition].

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