Buzzy the knowledge bug

Tested and Recommended Award [4]. Retrieved from " https: This running gag later made its way into the television series, The Adventures of Buzzy the Knowledge Bug. Would the owner of a small purple convertible please come to the parking garage?

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Fact sheets with diagrams teach about the aircraft, airport staff, and machinery. That said, they still have their own following in the Humongous fanbase.

Originally released in October [2] under the "Junior Encyclopedias" brand, with an updated version released in July 27,alongside Let's Explore the Airport [3] that revamped the user interface and added mini-games. Two of them, on the other hand, changed from game to game.

Junior Field Trips - Wikipedia

Mini-games knowledeg Let's Explore only include trivia, spelling quizzes, a coloring book, and an egg catching game. Retrieved from " https: Don't miss the pond. Calling Steven Spielbergwould you please phone home? The farm has all of the activities and processes of a real, working farm. Players visit three different types of rainforests: Kids can visit over 40 location, from hangers, to control towers, to cockpits.

This running gag later made its way into the knowlexge series, The Adventures of Buzzy the Knowledge Bug. Seal of Approval [4].

The Airport allows kids of all ages to explore a modern airport, with their guide Buzzy the Knowledge Bug. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove.

Players visit a mixed farm and can explore the barn, animals, and crops. Know,edge series didn't last very long before falling to the wayside, mostly because they didn't quite live up to the popularity of Humongous' other games. Retrieved from " http: Views Read Edit Knoweldge history. The encyclopedia has more than descriptions in it. South American, African, and Southeast Asian.

The Junior Field Trips series is a trilogy of point-and-click children's computer games released by Humongous Entertainment in conjunction with Random House.

Cycle Video Games of the s Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Each game played out like a visual encyclopedia, where you would be going through the farm, the airport, or the jungle depending on the game. Fact sheets about all the farm animals, plants, farm staff, and pieces of equipment are available.

Detailed explanations, lively sound effects, and colorful animation make every trip truly one of a kind. Items in each location can be clicked on for either amusing animations, or to ask "What is This?

Retrieved January 13, Children decide where they want to go and how much they want to know.

Buzzy the Knowledge Bug

Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds 2: Mini-games include trivia, object quizzes, object finding, a coloring book, and a lost luggage game. Released in November Get Known if you don't have an knowlefge.

Software Magic Award [4].

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