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Numbers To confirm my observations, I decided to take some bandwidth measurements using bandwidthplace. The results were pretty consistent across all app and device pairs and looked something like this: The Comcast traffic had this problem but the DSL did not. Of the remaining MHz on the coax, this must be split up between all the houses in a given "cable plant". So once a cable plant is installed, you have to reconfigure or replace every amplifier in the entire area to increase upload speeds.

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The ISPs however still have to pay for bandwidth, for the interconnection to other networks.

If you've never done this, look for instructions that came with your router or do a google search to find the default username and password. It can be argued that upload traffic would be higher if the upload speeds were symmetrical, but on a DOCSIS system you would never be able to test that theory.

I figured it was worth a shot, downloaded the 2. The canned reason is often "Well users spend more time downloading than uploading so networks have been optimized for download speeds by design".

gdevdonetske.com - Find out your actual internet speed with DSL Speedtest

The results were pretty consistent across all app and device pairs and looked something like this: I noticed that on all my devices - a Macbook Pro, iPhone, Windows desktop - webpages were sometimes taking a long time to load; it was a bit intermittent, but everything from google maps to gmail suddenly got very sluggish.

The results Thwn the router restarted, I re-ran my speed test, and the results were much nicer: If you don't set this properly, you will royally screw up your signals. Depending on the amplifiers and splitters, you have between and MHz to play with. If you need help with DevOps or infrastructure, reach out to me at Gruntwork. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like my books, Hello, Startup and Terraform: In theory, this should make things like VoIP calls and video chat e.

TV uses a decent chunk of that spectrum. By making things asynchronously disproportionateit's possible to raise the actual download bandwidth with such technologies. Other folks have been eager to share advice too: Sign in with Discord.

You should see a page like this: This is a common theme with cable and dsl. You wont like the answer: Sign in fasetr Microsoft. Posted January 10, Also, this has to do with how bandwidth on the cable is used as well.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Up to this point we are only discussing physical limitations.

Why do ISP's not give faster upload speeds? - Networking - Linus Tech Tips

Sign in with Steam. If an ISP gives the option of a fast upload speed on a residential connection, users wouldn't need to pay for a specialized connection that would cost a lot more if they were running a server. Often times in contrast, I see that fiber connections are synchronous i. I imagine Tjan weirds out on them too, but you usually wouldn't notice when doing multi-Mbps speed tests.

Got fast download but slow upload speeds? Here's a fix.

Because the only Comcast-tagged packets are the inbound ones: They want to sell them the more expensive "business" connection. In fact, I had to re-run the test several times, as occasionally, the upload portion of the test would get stuck and never complete. The results were pretty consistent across all app and device pairs and looked something like this:. This yielded great improvement.

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The Comcast traffic had this problem but the DSL did not. I suddenly had fast download but slow upload speeds. Say there is a new neighborhood of houses being built - how many seperate cable plants do you install?

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