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Sony is reportedly telling its development partners to expect its online marketplace to come back next week. Not sure if I would like this game or not, without a demo I am hesitant to purchase. That might be a bit old, but luckily Dead Nation is less about killing undead and more about racking up a high score. Continuum Shift Not in English Castlevania:

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Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Retrieved September 11, That said, I think weapon upgrading is a big part of the fun, and the order in which you upgrade creates a totally different game. Hidden armor upgrades and health-dispensing vending machines provide further incentive for diligent exploration.


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I remember enjoying this game a lot, despite its limitations. PlayStation Now streaming service load times improving Beta period for Sony's new streaming service moves into second phase, and user reports that load times are getting much better. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Although Dead Nation's story is its weakest point, it is not a terrible story. Dead Nation First Released Nov 30, released.

Dead Nation for PlayStation 3 Reviews - Metacritic

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Archived from the original on June 16, I make my way through the numerous hordes and finally make it out of chinatown only to be ambushed by another horde and a cutter.

There is 5 levels of difficult to keep me challenged I hate games that are too easy. Maxwell Mcbargains makes a special appearance on The Lobby to talk about 3 deals you just can't pass up, and also discusses the rise and inevitable decline of the 'Max Joining up for an online campaign is easy, though searching for a standalone mission is less likely to natoon immediate results, and you can't tweak the mission or difficulty level once you've connected with another player.

They head to a police station, in search for a natiion to strengthen the radio signal, but find out they need to get to higher ground to do so. Flesh-and-bones zombies come at you in teeming masses, and though the fat biker zombies start slow, they break into a run when you shoot them and pack a mean punch.

Subscribe Subscribe to our feed iTunes iTunes. The game stands shoulder to shoulder with the Left 4 Dead series as the pinnacle titles of the zombie-game genre.

Dead Nation Review

December 1, [1]. If you play on harder levels, the atmosphere gets amazing.

Apocalypse Edition review - zombie free". This game is incredible. Sid could you tell the devs to make Status updates on the XMB to show you what your friends are doing.

Not sure if I would like this game or not, without a demo I am hesitant to purchase. Playstation Official Magazine UK. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. Obvious now why everyone in the beta were raving about the game.

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This week we get South Park: But thanks for the feedback! It's definitely no Left 4 Dead, but for a downloadable title and only This is the best Zombie game you can buy for the PlayStation 3. In a pinch, lay some dynamic.

Armor sets influence strength, endurance and agility. Dead Nation Tips and Tricks:

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