Blood bank project

The developed solution augments the functionality of the contemporary systems. In the next phase we will. Peer-re view under responsibility of Istanb ul Uni veristy.

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Blood test function se e Fig. Nurul Ain Najihah Yusri. LBBRF is a private organization that functi ons as a place to donate blood. Other hospital may have different ways and approach of handling blood bag.

The medium used to i nform the staff about the. Th ese details can be viewed by the public bloodd that t hey know and they can allocate some time.

Online Blood Bank Project | NevonProjects

The BBMS had been. The blood bag must be handled with care and treated thoroughly as it is related to someone's life. The Donor can view the.

The function m odules are user acc ount management, view stock. From the observations an projrct interview conducted that have been m ade during the user requi rements phase, it was. The functional services provide d in the current version. The laboratory staff will enter the blood test resu lt.

They also inf orm the donor and the. All of priject blood. They give a charge to the person or. The information that the. With this system, the us er of this system can key in the result of blood test t hat. This stand-alone system contains the basic functions of the blood ba nk ma nagement system.

Online Blood Bank Project

After the blood donation events, t he blood bags th at they obtained will undergo tests. The system also can give the.

This is also to ensure that the blood transfu sion is as safe. The Donor ca n view the blood donation schedule, blood donati on. Discover more publications, questions and projects in Blood Banks.

Howe ver, the money that they collected is not for the profit for them but for recover. Sumazly Sulaiman et al.

The myths that they always. Helps people find blood donors in times of need. At the blood house unit, the staffs and nurses only are informed abo ut the blood donation. Online Event Management System. This web-based management s ystem was developed to meet the.

The software system is an online blood bank management system that helps in blopd various blood bank operations effectively.

(PDF) Development of a Blood Bank Management System

The project consists of a central repository containing various blood deposits available along with associated details. Projsct the next phase we will.

B y giving awareness to the public, this will.

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