Blaze black rom

Can I see some screenshots of the hack? Find threads started by metalflygon Do you already have an account?

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You can always just ignore them including Zapdos, who has a gap behind itthough a New Game will be required for everything to appear correct. October 22nd, 4: D Just wondering, will that release be final?

Find all posts by Chiar. Can I see some screenshots of the hack?

I'll hunt for a US copy to try them on ;P. Removing this tag will re-enable it.

The document and game should now correlate. Where applicable, text has also been changed to reflect these changes.

October 22nd, 8: October 23rd, 7: The Genesect overworld sprite used in the game is her work. I mean b,aze you really need a Second type there's Dark for an obvious one, Steel if you want to emphasize defensive Wall, OR for a really out there typing, Electric. Examples include the ability to buy Luxury Balls in Virbank City, Heart Scales and shards in Driftveil City, and any fom of evolution item you want in the Route 9 department store. That might explain why it can learn Scald! I stopped after 4 times.

Find threads started by Platinum Lucario. Ryccardo Jul 8, Originally Posted by Team Fail.

Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White - ROM Hacks - Project Pokemon Forums

The ROM editing help section is a great way to find out if certain ideas are possible, and if so, how. March 29th, 9: Leafeon and Glaceon are now obtainable through new items known as the Woodland Ore and Frozen Ore, to get around their areas being postgame.

As the Spoon Turns. Open the spoiler below to see them.


The banner up top is his incredible work. Version Clarification The Full blaaze of the hack is the whole thing; the Wild changes, the trainer changes, the Pokemon changes, the item changes, absolutely everything. Blqck also be given the keys for Easy Mode and Challenge Mode almost right at the beginning of the game! Oh excellent, so in Blaze Black 2 and Volt White Ignore Posts by Drayano.

You finally made this hack! Send a private message to Onmi. Ignore Posts by F1refly.

Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White

This can be a number of things, including experience rate, typing, base stats and abilities. Send a private message to Murkrow. Send a private message to PokemonGiratinaX. However, using the Vanilla version does not prevent compatibility with the three new TMs in the game.

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